Monday, March 05, 2012

The Bachelor episode nine.

I'm just gonna say this: I know Ben is going to pick Courtney. He is a sleaze bag and so is she.

Helloooo Switzerland!! I want to go there soo bad.

Switzerland: the perfect place to fall in love....seriously?

ANOTHER helicopter date? Come on Ben, use some imagination.

I wanted that copter to crash, just to put me out of my misery.

Why do I still watch this? I don't even like any of these chicks.

Ugh. Ben's hair.

I could not stand on that teeny mountain top. I couldn't even watch it.

I'm so sick of these women telling Ben what he wants to hear. Why can't they just be honest?

Dave and I were discussing whether or not they sleep together in the fantasy suite. I think yes, dave was not sure. For a while i thought no, but not anymore. What do you think?

Oh Linzi, what can I say that I haven't already? Blech.

Really? Repelling isn't that big of a deal. I don't know why they're so freaked out.

Did he just say "I love this woman"?!? He hasn't said that about anyone! Hmmmm

Ewww! I can't stand watching Ben and Linzi kiss. They are gross!

Why do they always sound so surprised when they get the fantasy suite card? Have you never watched the show?

I think the show is setting it up to look like he's going to pick Linzi, by showing Ben say he loves Linzi. So it will be shocking to everyone when he picks Courtney.

Has anyone else noticed how zitty Courtney is?

As much as it pains me to say this Courtney reminds me of Rory Gillmore....just a really raunchy one.

I think Courtney is on drugs. She is constantly moving and can't keep still. And playing with her hair! It is seriously driving me crazy!

Looks like being a total snatch might be coming back to bite her in the bum.

If Ben believes that Courtney is not going to drive his female friends away, he's a moron.

It's not such a big step to go to the fantasy suite with Courtney. I mean they've already gone skinny dipping together. Gross.

If I was let go right before they went to Switzerland I would ask to confront Ben too. Hello? Free trip to Switzerland.

There we go... Back to the classy Kacie that I knew.

That's a nice fitted sheet dress Nikki has on.

No surprise there, he picks Courtney.

Why do they always say " it has nothing to do with you" when they send someone home? Of course it does.

How many people have to tell Ben they hope he doesn't get hurt by Courtney?

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The DuPree's said...

SHOUT OUT!!! Spot on and funny... you're good!