Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bachelor Final Episode and after...

Bens sister looks just like drag.

Everyone is wearing these cute boots!! I NEED some cute boots!

Lindzi must be really nervous. She is all sweaty and has a huge honkin ZIT on her chin.

Lindzi said she never expected to fall in love. Really? Why the crap did you go on the show?!?

I hate that Bens sister asked Linzi about Courtney. I feel like Courtney didn't get a fair chance at her first impression.

Oh Ben, that hair of yours just needs to be chopped off.

Poor Lindzi, she keeps telling Ben that she loves him in hopes that he'll say it back.

Courtney is zitty too! The water in Switzerland must be bad or something.

I hate Courtney's wittle baby voice. It drives me nuts that no one else notices it.

Oh my word. Why does Courtney have to read her love letter out loud? How embarrassing.

I can't stand it when guys don't wear an undershirt under their dress shirts.

Wow! Nice leather gloves.

What's up with the cloaks?!?

I always feel so bad for the girl that gets dumped at the end. She's always so happy getting out of the limo ( or helicopter) and then just when they realize it's not them. When the smile leaves their face.... So sad.

Poor Lindzi. She looks terrified...and for good reason. She's OUTTA here!!

I LOVE IT!! She actually said "if things don't work out, call me."

I wouldn't want to be someone's second choice.

Enough with the long speeches! Just propose already!

I will love you forever. Or until the airing if the show is over.

I feel like its finally the real Courtney that we are seeing on After the Final Rose.

Ben should stop attempting to grow facial hair. It ain't going well.

I have to admit, it is really sad what the media has done to them. They genuinely seem to be affected by the negative press.

It makes me feel better that a lot if the women in the audience are older than me.

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Linds said...

Bah ha! I love you. I actually watched this one. I was bribed into watching it by goodies. Anyway, now that I have watched and read all your comments, I am so sad that I never watched it with you. You make everything better. Love ya!