Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bachelor Home Towns

Ben says that about every woman: I could really see myself falling in love with this woman and being with her forever.

Linzi's dad seems a little stalkerish. He knew Ben's dogs name...

Holy belt buckle batman!! Linzi's belt buckle was HUGE!

Those are some classy mason jar wine glasses.

What the crap is Kacie wearing?

Uh oh. Ben is not going to gel well with Kacies parents. I can tell.

Man, Kacis dad is burning a hole through Ben with his eyes?

Kacie would totally move in with Ben if she got picked. She totally lied to her dad, right to his face.

Niki is a skank and a half. She has a tramp stamp and she totally has a fat bum. I know that's rude but it's true.

So Niki leapt into a marriage that age wasn't ready for, but she's ready to marry Ben after only "dating" him for a few weeks? Oh please.

*side note: if one of my daughters EVER wanted to go on The Bachelor, I would NEVER allow her to go.

Poor Niki's dad, Ben is not going to pick her. You can tell her dad loves her SO much.

Ok, here comes Satan's....I mean Courtney's hometown...

Did she just say she felt bad about the way she has treated the other girls? Yeah right!

So now Courtney has three personalities, the total raunch at the bachelor house, the total baby/lovey dovey with Ben, and the semi normal girl at home with her family.

Ok so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Courtney is probably a pretty decent girl. I'm sure it's a lot of editing. Don't you remember Michelle Money?

I am willing to bet that Ben is going to be a complete idiot and actually pick Courtney.

Called it. Poor Kacie is stunned. It's all because her dad doesn't drink.

Sad. Kacie is such a sweet girl. Ben doesn't deserve her. He's an idiot.

Kacie is so classy, she just got in the car. No drama. Loved that girl :(

Ok, so maybe not completely classy, those two f-bombs in the car took her down a notch.

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The DuPree's said...

Agreed, where do these girls get their clothes? I'm still curious about all the cocktail dresses? WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM!? Whenever I've seen them with luggage, I've only seen 1 bag. Maybe it would be less effective if the random crew-man had to haul out 4 suitcases and a couple of carry-ons when someone doesn't get a rose on a one on one date but still, someone must be supplying their wardrobes. I often find myself thinking, "what would I do if I were there?" Among other things, the main reaction is to laugh shamelessly at these girls who actually think this is going to work out. And after his selection of his final 3, I have never been more sure that this relationship- whatever it ends up being- will fall, and fall hard. I don't really like Ben too much anymore, but I feel bad for him. I do hope that he can look back and say, "well at least I got to see some beautiful parts of the world."