Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The bachelor episode 7- Do you Belize in love?

Kaci says she is as in love with Ben as she can get....hmmm

Man! All of a sudden there are only 6 girls left.

I hate it when people say "it's really real now" oh please! You are on reality tv people!

Nice wife beater with a pocket.

When Emily compared Ben to a piece if cheesecake in swim trunks was a little weird.

Really Linzi... You could die in two seconds from jumping 10 feet into the water?

Linzi looks SO much better with all that makeup off her face.

Did Linzi really ask if the pillows and blankets laid out in the dock was for them? Nah, it's for some other guy...duh

Do you Belize in love? Wow. Who writes this stuff?

Every week... Linzi's HAIR! I HATE IT!!

Is that bottle going to go anywhere?

Wow! Fishing for your own lobster, that would freak me out!

Whoa whoa whoa....Courtney is crying?!?! She has emotions??

There is definitely more of a friend vibe with Ben and Emily.

Courtney is always posing.

How can he not see how fake Courtney is. I think she may be a satanist.

Everything is about Courtney. And how she's feeling and blah blah blah.

Courtney is just way high maintenance. She just has to hear all the time how great she is.

K side note. How awesome was that temple?!? It makes you wonder who has been up there and what things have been done there.

What's going to happen when Courtney is away on one of her many photo shoots for weeks at a time without Ben? Are they going to have to "refind" the spark again?

Ben was right, Courtney is weird but not a good weird, like a scary weird.

What does it say about Courtney that she has a lot of guy friends? That girls don't like her!!!

Ha! I love that he went in and woke the girls up!!

Nikki is kind of a thick girl.

Is it just me or does Ben have really weird nipples?

Good move Kaci. Laying it all out to get Ben to meet your family.

Nice feather earring pocohantas.

Courtney is so lane with her stupid one liners: see ya wouldn't wanna be ya, oh snap, winning, it's not cool Courtney.

Wow! I can't believe he actually kept Courtney! I have to admit though, it will be interesting to see Satan's parents.

Emily is too smart for Ben anyway.

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Daya said...

Okay Rachel totally looks like an alien in the picture you posted!! Hilarious!