Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bachelor episode 123...567...

Bens kind of a geek.

Kaci B is gonna win this.

Is it just me, or did it look really cold there in Panama?

Hasn't there been like three helicopter dates already?

I'm not attracted to Ben, but I must agree with Kaci, he did look kinda sexy cutting open those coconuts.

Kaci B totally reminds me of my sister in law Melia. She is so cute and bubbly. (love you Melia!!)

I. Hate. Courtney.

I'm sure the village wasn't expecting them at all. Please.

I think it's really bad that Courtney is practically naked in front of these little boys.

Since when does Kacy (the other one) speak Spanish?!

I said it once and I'll say it again, Linzi really bugs the crap out of me.

I just can't stand the faces and the mannerisms that Courtney has. Just STOP and be normal!!

Oh my gosh Jamie!! Stop talking for a split second!

And once again Courtney, you are such a beast to interrupt their one on one time.

Oh Emily, that really was hilarious about being involved with the chief.

Oh my word. Is Courtney going to cry?!??

I LOVE that Ben didn't go to Courtney's room...skank.

I would hate this salsa dancing date. I cannot dance. At. All.

123...567?? I guess 4 doesn't exist in panama.

The two on one dates are always so awkward.

I'm just waiting for Blakley to come out and tell Ben that she used to be a man.

Ok. That collage book is so high school. I would know, I have s whole sketch book of magazine collages.

Why are they showing that alley cat??

What a let down with Kacy. I thought there was something wrong. Big deal, she's still in love with her ex boyfriend.

Bens not into Kacy anyway.

I love the shot of Ben looking out into the ocean looking contemplative. Like he gives a crap that Kacy is leaving.

Oh. Jamie. You are so clueless. Why are you telling Ben everything you are going to do? That was probably one if the most awkward moments in bachelor / bachelorette history. And that's saying something.

Is one of the parting gifts a black eye?

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The DuPree's said...

Sorry that I have fallen behind on your blog. Thank you for the compliment, though I usually steer clear of using f bombs when I overreact. I was annoyed when she (Kaci) said right as he was kicking her out, "I don't want you to feel bad"... seriously? I would say, "Good luck, your "wife" (cause let's be honest, we all know this isn't going to work out) is a real piece of work. And just do me a solid and don't pick Courtney - she's dumb and stupid and ugly."