Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Episode 3

That was an interesting choice of outfit that Emily chose for her date.
And why do they always have to run to each other?

How lame us it that the other girls can see Ben and Emily on their date.

Giving Emily the kiss to calm her down was a great idea.

Was Ben wearing lipgloss at dinner?!?

Why is this the first time I'm seeing Casey S? Where the crap did she come from?

"if we can get through this (meaning, climbing the bridge), we can get through anything.".....really? Just really? Let's think about that....

Who's ever heard of a leap list? Not me. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch...

Ah, I just learned what leap list was from the Honda commercial. That must be why Ben said something about it, to promote the sponsor.

Grandma chick sounds like a stupid valley girl when she talks.

Poor Brittany, Ben was totally plastered when she was trying to explain why she was leaving.

Whatever, Ben wouldn't have picked her anyway.

Did anyone notice that Monica was crying when Ben gave the rose to Rachel???

Lindsey wears WAY to much makeup.

Who the crap is Matt Nathanson?

That speak easy restaurant that they went to was way cool!

Really? After a year and a half Lindsey gets dumped by text message? Nothing happens for no reason like that.

By the way, her hair is terrible too. Get it out if your face!!! It reminds me if the goth girl in The Breakfast Club.

There is almost nothing sexier than a guy who plays the piano.

Who is that in the ugly yellow dress....oh Blakley, of course.

Martin Short is grossing me out. And she's gonna get her heart broken. It takes more than being the best kisser to get that final rose.

What gives Shawntel the right to just waltz in and say "I want to date Ben so I'm just gonna show up".

For someone who says she doesn't do drama, Courtney sure likes to start crap, and then leave.

Emily nailed it when she said that Courtney needs to be diagnosed.

It was hilarious that those girls were just standing there watching Shawntel and Ben talk.

"I hope these women are gracious and welcoming" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I can't stand looking at Courtney talk. Her mouth bugs the crap out of me.

I think it's hilarious that these girls keep saying that Ben doesn't know Shawntel. News flash ladies HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU EITHER!!!!

I thought it was really classy when Courtney called Shawntel "what's her butt".

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I feel like I'm going to throw up. "

"It's a three ring circus all because if Shawntel. "

Yeah it was Shawntel who made Erika pass out.

I hope Ben heard Courtney be rude to Shawntel as she was leaving. What a beast.

That mouth tattoo was seriously gross. And for me...that's saying something, because I usually really like tattoos.

I can't wait to see the man from snowy river next week.


The DuPree's said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! So funny! Thank you!

lynz said...

man from snowy river - love that show! haha can't wait for next week and holy courtney's mouth - EWWWW!!! she is just eww really - can't stand her. love the scale of 1 to 10 comment - bahaha! i like lindsey's hair for the most part but seriously......tuck it behind your ear! eww to blakely and we said the same thing about kaci s. who the crap are you??? and love what's her butt......haha i would so say that! maybe not in that situation though idiot! oh and dust loves matt nathanson - check him out!

J said...

All of those comments you made were almost identical to what I was thinking in the episode. My favorites were on a scale of 1 to 10 and what's her butt. Those win. hahaha. Love when you post these. I always look forward to reading them.