Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Man from Snowy River

I'm sick of hearing "this is the perfect place to fall in love." shouldn't any place be the perfect place to fall in love, if it's the right person?

Rachel aka grandma, needs to quit smoking. Her voice is so manly.

I love Kaci, but NEWS FLASH!!! You're on The Bachelor! Ben is going to be going on dates with other women.

Whoa!! Nipple alert from Rachel. Sheesh. Wear a more supportive bra!

Their conversation is so strained and fake!

I just woke up because Ben and Rachel's date put me to sleep! I am so embarrassed from watching them.

These women get so jaded with these extravagant dates. This isn't going to be real life once the show is over. It's gonna be just the two of you at the breakfast table, with morning breath and farting sounds coming from the bathroom.

I. Hate. Courtney. She is so friggin FAKE!! Why doesn't Ben see through her?!?

Samantha is a total ditz and her boobs are too far out there. I hate how she's questioning him about being on so many group dates but live how honest he's being with her.

This look is saying "gimmie gimmie gimmie, I need I need I need. "

HA! Samantha is OUTTA there.

Do you ever catch yourself doing s dumb smile while your watching tv? I just did that when Ben was talking to Kaci.

Oh Courtney, your just so awesome and strong and confident. Um, try completely insecure. As my sister in law put it:
"Oh Becki! I wish we were watching this together! I could literally punch Courtney in the boob, she's a beastly individual!"

It's all a competition to Courtney, she doesn't want to be with Ben, she just wants to win.

I wonder if Ben and Jennifer thought repelling into that crater was crazy...

Jeeze ladies don't make it totally obvious that you're talking about Courtney.

I love that Blakley is doing Emily's hair in the bathroom. Cracked me up! And made me want to get my hair done.

Jennifer kept dipping herself... What the H?

It wasn't a concert for just Jennifer and Ben. There were like 200 other people there...

This chick was having a GREAT time!!

Holy boobs Monica!!

"I'm a nice person, don't (mess) with me." that doesn't make any sense.

How many times did Emily do this tonight?

I am going to miss Monica's cackle.

Oh Courtney, you are so much better than everyone else. "I was just in Puerto Rico two months ago."

See ya next week!


Daya said...

I was wondering why Rachel was packing before her one on one date. Hadn't they JUST gotten there? Why was she already unpacked? Chris gave them the date card 10 minutes after they walked in the room!! I hate Courtney, too! I loved the punch in the boob thing!! I kept thinking about it the whole time I was watching!

Holly Lujan said...

I almost have to stop watching because I HATE Courtney SO much. I'm glad he sent Samantha home, that was AWESOME! I wish Ben would just cut his freakin' hair. It drives me CRAZY!! This show is so stupid and I love it and I love you!