Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bachelor episode two!

Holy Sanoma house!!

Love Ben's car!

I love Kaci's baton twirling!

The movie theater date was so cute!

What the crap was that jumpsuit/onesie that Blakley was wearing? Her boobs are totally nasty fake.

The "model" Courtney is all around a beast. I think she is ugly inside and out. But you know she'll be around a while....for the drama

I LOVE that all the chicks have to put in this play in front of all those people.

It was weird when the two girls kissed Ben on the cheek at the same time, and then he kissed them back...just weird.

I hate how fake the girls are when they say things like " I loved today, it just felt like I was home" so lame.

Mmmkay...Blakley really grosses me out. Plus, she looks like a dude.

It was totally gross when he made out with Martin Short.

Anyone that uses the term "winning" is a total d-bag. Case in point Courtney. She is a dual personality. I don't know which one to believe.

I hate that Ben HAS to say the phrase "will you accept this rose?".

Do the girls own all if the dresses that they wear for the cocktail parties? Or does the show provide them? I mean, who owns that many different cocktail dresses?!?

I feel the urge to buy a pair of nude colored heels. Everyone is wearing them!!

I thought that girls grandma went home...

For someone who writes (blogs) for a living, this girl is a horrible communicator. She told Ben she was "I feel like I'm a guy".

Holy crap! These people party LATE! When Ben got Jenna out of the bed from crying, the clock said 2:04am!! Plenty of time to get the girls totally drunk and even more emotional than normal.

The girl that brought her grandma is really kinda gross, and zitty.


Car920 said...

I totally agree but also need to add, what about when the host comes in and annoces " ladies, this is the final rose of the evening" shut up, we see that, you don't need to announce it, GAY

Daya said...

OUCH!!!! Haha!

The DuPree's said...

So funny! I was just asking Devin last night why we watch shows like the Bachelor and decided that it's because we like making fun of other people making fools out of themselves on national tv. I agree on all counts! And nude colored pumps are the trick to making your legs look longer... or so I hear. They are all the rage!

Sabby said...

Good Stuff, ha ha! I am totally missing the girl conversation during the show, Kevin is trying to step it up for me! Hope all is good in Portland, missing you!