Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bachelor Episode 5 Puerto Rico

I thought Park City was the perfect place to fall in love, but I guess it's Puerto Rico.

Why are they still running in the rain? They're already soaked.

Ben looks like a drug dealer in his all white clothes.

Nikki's got some big legs!

I think she also has some really weird views about marriage.

It feels like Ben is interviewing Nikki for a job. Not romantic.

They kiss weird.

I want to RIP out Lindsey's bangs!

I would not want to do a chest bump with Blakley. Ouch.

Blakley is so good because she's a dude.

So let me get this straight, is the winners prize more time with Ben?

Kaci B. has some serious curly hair.

He is not into Elyse.

Way to tease the girl. He has the rise in hand and tells her she can't have it.

And then he sends her away on a rubber boat! Classy.

How long does this goodbye sequence need to be? Elyse, now cut to Ben walking down the beach, and repeat 5 billion times.

One word for Courtney: sah-lut.

On the beach "alone" with a camera crew.

Way to go Emily, " I'm not going to talk about Courtney, but I can't stand her and she's so annoying and blah blah blah..."

I don't know why I'm hating in Lindsey so much but She just looks so dirty to me.

I had a feeling Jennifer was going. You can tell when he's not into a girl. He just kind if looks off when their in conversation.

Plus she looks like Martin Shirt and she dips herself when dancing. (see previous post).

And she has total man hands.

What?!? No pictures this week?!?

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Valerie said...


I love your Bachelor reviews, they always make me smile and are so honest. I hope everything is going well for u and your family.