Friday, December 09, 2011

What did you do today?

Got up
Got kids up
Gave kids breakfast
Took Dave to work
Came home
Took a shower and got ready for the day
Took the kids to Target to roam around
Came home
Put Marion down for a nap
Made lunch for the kids
Took Sam to pick up Dave's Grandpa to go to the Doctor
Got Grandpa in the wheelchair
Got Grandpa in the car
Put wheelchair in car
Got to the doctor
Get wheelchair out of car
Got Grandpa in the wheelchair
Took Grandpa to the doctor
Made another appointment for Grandpa for Tuesday
Took Grandpa to the car
Put wheelchair in car
Took Grandpa home
Took wheelchair out of car
Put Grandpa in the wheelchair
Took Grandpa to his room
Got the couch set up for Grandpa to be on bedrest til Tuesday....yikes
Wrapped Grandpas poor swollen legs with medicine and gauze wrappings
Took Grandpas laundry
Went home
Took kids to piano lessons
Picked up Dave from work
Took Dave and Marion home
Picked up kids from piano lessons
Picked up pizza for dinner
Ate dinner
Played with Marion and Sam
Put Sam in a time out for getting mad at Marion
Put Marion to bed
Cleaned up the house
Put together a puzzle
Played with Sam on the Wii
Talked with a good friend
Put Sam to bed
Worked on seeds

....I think I may collapse.

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Linds said...

Hol-e Mol-e!!! You are wonder woman. Just reading that made me tired.