Thursday, November 03, 2011

Random thoughts Thursday

It bothers me when people wear black and brown together.

I don't think anything infuriates me like bad drivers.

I started working out last week.. I hate it, but am hoping to learn to love it.

I am re-watching all of the old Grey's Anatomy's and if you have watched them at all, and remember Ava/Rebecca, she plays Esme in the Twilight movies, but she will always be the slightly trashy Ava/Rebecca to me.

That last thought was one HUGE run-on sentence.

I am getting the purple in my hair done again tomorrow... I'm excited!!

1 comment:

lynz said...

ooooo i don't even know what to comment i'll just do all of them! so not a fan of the brown/black combo and so glad someone else feels the same! bad drivers are the WORST, and the worst are here in statia, let me tell you! working out sucks. i'm not sure i'll ever learn to love it (except for zumba - that is fun working out!), but loving the results outweighs hating the process sometimes sadly. i want to rewatch grey's with you! i love the ava/rebecca episodes too - awwww love!
yay for purple and for you! miss you so bad it hurts! love yer stinkin guts too :)