Sunday, November 06, 2011


The Wednesday before Halloween, Camryn came home from Marimba band practice and said she had a headache. The next day she wasn't feeling well again and Dave and I decided to keep her home. If you know Camryn at all you know that she loves school and normally wouldn't choose to stay home. We thought she was just kind of run down and tired from all of her before and after school activities. Well she ended up staying home on Friday too, with a fever and a headache. On Sunday She had been complaining about her throat hurting and when I looked in there I saw little white spots. I decided that she should go and see someone. We recently switched insurance so I was a little nervous about where to take her. We ended up at Urgent care and they swabbed her throat and it came back positive for Strep...great. We got her antibiotics and were good to go!

This was Camryn on Halloween, she didn't even care about going trick or treating...poor girl.

This is Sam, my Kindergarten Zombie....cheapest costume ever. Thanks to Kirk and Daya for taking Sam along trick or treating with them. He really had a great time!

This is Marion my little ladybug. She didn't even go tick or treating, but all of my kids have to be a ladybug when they are little. It's just so cute!

Here are our pumpkins. We carved them a week before Halloween, and let me tell you, by the time Halloween came they were ready to be tossed...yuck!


Libby said...

Poor Cam! That is so sad :( Love the costumes though! And those pumpkins look awesome! Much scarier than mine and Paul's!

Linds said...

UGH strep throat is the WORST! Liza has had it twice already this school year. I'm hoping we don't get another round of it for a LONG time.