Thursday, October 06, 2011


Some days I can't stop playing with my permanent retainer, it's totally a subconscious thing, but it drives me crazy...and it makes my tongue hurt.

I always think things are going to take way longer than they actually do.

Today, at 32 years old I made the connection between Mackintosh and apple, concerning computers. I feel like a real idiot.

I am so so so disappointed that An Idiot Abroad 2 is not available in The States, it is only on some British channel and I can't find it anywhere on line...yet.

Every time I hear a song by Eminem (which is not often) I get a little emotional. There is just such strong emotion in him.


lynz said...

hahahahaha about eminem - love it! and seriously.....if you find an idiot abroad 2 (which i never knew they were doing - yay!!!!), please oh please let us know!!!!! freakin love that show!

Linds said...

You know you can go get your permanent retainer removed. I did a while ago and it was wonderful!! I never thought you could, hence the word "permanent" but apparently after your 20s your teeth don't move that much. Just a thought.... And Eminem? Really? Love you anyway ;)