Thursday, September 08, 2011

Random thoughts

You can not take a quick trip to Ikea. It's impossible.

My feet get so hot every night…every. night. Even if they are cold when I get into bed they are burning up in 10 minutes.

For the life of me I can't find a plastic grocery bag holder. I know they are out there, I've seen them on line but can't find them in stores anywhere.

My roots are grown out like 2 inches at least. It looks terrible.

I am really looking forward to cooler temperatures. It had been too hot the past few weeks. We have no air conditioning in our car. This doesn't help the heat situation.


Holly Lujan said...

No, you can't take a quick trip to Ikea because the store is a stupid maze, even if you take their little shortcuts. You CAN get a plastic grocery bag holder there!!! I am also looking forward to cooler temps.

Linds said...

You are right, there is no such thing as a quick trip to IKEA. But I sure do love it.

Allison said...

Plastic grocery bag holder...IKEA. Seriously! It's where I got mine.

Also, no A/C in the car is why I currently don't have a car at all. Hopefully they'll actually fix it this time!

Ash said...

I got a plastic bag holder at Ikea. Maybe you should take a "quick" trip there and get one!