Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Thoughts...

When and how did American's accents change to "American" Why don't we sound British or wherever our ancestor's are from?

I have recently become addicted to diet soda....mmmmmm diet soda.

Have you seen the show My Strange Addiction? It grosses me out sometimes. There are some crazies out there. Like people that pull out their hair and eat the makes me gag just thinking about that.

I swear, SpongeBob Squarepants is on 24/7

I just finished reading The Help. It makes me wish I was alive back then to be a part of the civil rights movement.

Marion has learned to pull herself up to standing. She does it in her crib and once she gets up she just cries because she doesn't know how to get back down again....silly baby


Allison said...

I felt exactly the same way after reading The Help! Such a good book.

Daya said...

That hair one totally grossed me out too. Especially when they showed that hairball...Ugh!!

Tanya Dow said...

There was a hairball? YUCK!! I turned it off way before that...when she started eating the follicles it grossed me out. BLAH!

Linds said...

Eating hair? Blech! Nast! Oh that makes me want to barf just thinking about it. I don' think I could watch that.