Sunday, October 10, 2010

Camryn's Birthday

I know, I know...Camryn's birthday is in January. I just never blogged about it....get off my back!

Anyway, When Camryn's birthday rolled around last January, she was having some issues with the other girls at school, you know how 3rd grade can day they are your friend, the next they all hate you. Well on her birthday they all were against her. She was feeling pretty down (I was too) so my three best friends Holly, Lacey and Lyndsey decided to help cheer her up and they showed up with some of her favorite treats and we all watched The Biggest Loser together. She LOVES these ladies (almost as much as I do) and she said it was the best birthday EVER!!

1 comment:

Linds said...

Aww man, I would have LOVED to be there. Tell Cam are very belated happy birthday!