Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love the Clorox Bleach commercial that says all of the different names for toilet (latrine, head, bog...)

Some days I really hate my hair. I wish my bangs would just grow faster!!

I really HATE Dora.

Who thought that making crescent shaped ice was a good idea??

I saw that people from Brazil, Nigeria and Russia had visited my blog...leave a comment, say hello!

I am reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. His books give me the creeps...

I am also reading Eat Pray Love. I may give up on it. The woman's constant whining is really getting to me.

I crack my toes...a. lot.


Allison said...

You and Ellie should talk. She calls Dora "Dumb Doofus".

Do you own The Lost Symbol? If so, can I borrow it when you're done? I just recently reread The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, so I'm in the mood for more Robert Langdon drama.

And you're the third person who's given Eat Pray Love a thumbs down. Maybe I won't bother after all.

The Hannibals said...

I read/listened to the Lost Symbol a few weeks ago. I thought it was pretty good. The guy who read it did a lot of really cool voices for the characters. I especially liked the twist at the end!!!

Linds said...

All I have to say is that I MISS YOU!!! I hate this living far away thing.

Jeanelle said...

Thank you for the comment yesterday! I LOATHE Dora. I always feel like she's yelling at everyone who's watching (and then I think of the SNL Dora-like cartoon from a few years ago and laugh. If you haven't seen that, google it.)