Sunday, February 07, 2010

A little update....

Well I haven't updated on anything in a while so why not now right?


Marion is growing and growing. A few weeks ago at my 28 week appointment I was measuring 32!! That is 4 more than I should have been measuring, so the doctor recommended that I get another ultrasound to see if she was just big or if I had an excess of fluid or what. I went a few days later for the ultrasound and everything looked fine! My fluid was on the high end of normal and Marion was measuring 3lbs 5oz (give or take 8oz). Also, when I took my glucose test it was 3 points higher than it should be so I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. The three hour glucose test means I had to fast for 12 hours before the appointment, then go into the lab at the hospital, get my blood drawn when I got there, drink the glucose drink again (which is double the concentrate of the original) and then get my blood drawn once again for the next three hours! So, two of my very best friends Lacey and Lyndsey took Sam both days so I could go and get tortured at the hospital. Thanks so much you two!!


Sam is doing well! He just had his 4th birthday and loved it! His birthday was on a Sunday this year so we all got together beforehand at Red Robin to celebrate. He is starting to write his letters and can write his name (if I draw the dots for him to trace) He recognizes lots of his letters and knows the sound that they make. I am thinking about enrolling him in preschool this fall so I can have a little alone time for when the baby comes. I think he would love it, but Dave and I are still thinking about it... He is a hilarious kid and I love it when he comes up to me and hugs my belly and says "I'm not hugging you, I'm hugging the baby".


Camryn continues to excell in school. She is doing a unit in science on the solar system. She just finished a project on Neptune. She got a styrofoam ball and we helped her paint it blue with white swirlies. It turned out really cool! In her TAG class she chose for her independent study, World War II. I love this subject and am looking forward to helping her with it. She also has a great grandfather whom she can interview about the subject. Camryn just turned 9 years old a few weeks ago and we had a fun day of shopping together, just the two of us. Camryn is such a sweet girl and I am so lucky to have her as MY daughter!


Dave has discovered a new seen above. He is doing well in school, except for the fact that he HATES the class that he is taking right now. The teacher just lectures and lectures and it's about things that he already knows because he does it every day at work. We are trying to figure out when he will be doing his student teaching. He will have to take about a month off of work to do this. I am so proud of all of his hard work. He is the chess club coach and designed t-shirts for the team that turned out really cool. They have a tiurnament coming up in a few weeks. He is also doing the scoreboard for the girls basketball again this year. Camryn enjoys going to the games with him when she can.


I am just continuing to bake this baby inside and hope that she comes out ok. I was released as 2nd counselor in the Young Women's today, and had mixed feelings about it. I felt relieved because it will be nice to go to Relief Society and to just have no calling for a while, but I will miss the girls and the awesome ladies that I worked with. I have started couponing and have to say I get a little bit of a rush when I get a great deal on my shopping trips. I have even gotten things absolutely free! Dave and I spent the day yesterday getting Camryn's room ready for Marion to come. I went to the doctor a few days ago and was measuring right where I should be so that was a relief. I will probably be induced on March 31st. I am having mixed feelings about this too. On one hand I can't wait to be done being pregnant, but on the other hand, am I ready for another baby??? My mom will be arriving on the 24th of March and staying for a few weeks to help out with the baby. It is always so nice to have her here to help.

Well that's our update...See you in a few months!


Daya said...

You are such a goober!! And that's why I love you!!

lynz said...

awww - it's been a loooong while since us bloggers have been graced with a brallier update :) loved the pics of all of you and the update too! bake away chickee - you're so stinkin cute!

Autumn said...

I've been checking your blog constantly wondering if you would ever say what you're having... a little lady! That's AWESOME! Funny how we both had girl, boy, girl. Please post lots of pictures when she's born. I love newborns, sooo sweet.:)

Lacey said...

I think you should change your blog to: the busy Bralliers! I love getting updaes, even though I am pretty in the loop with what you guys have been up to. I guess I am so Brallier obsesed that I want to hear AND read about it! You are doing great in this pregnancey and you are going to be just as awsome as a Mom to three as you have been to two. Love ya!

Linds said...

So glad to get an update. Sounds like you are all doing great. And I am so excited for little Marion to come. Oh, how I wish I could come help you. Oh well, maybe with your next baby ;) bahahahahaha! I crack myself up. Anyway, love your guts!!!

Heather Mowrer said...

Excellent! Now I feel all caught up :)

kara jayne said...

thought you'd want to know that your one of my winners!!! i need you to email me your mailing address. congrats!