Thursday, July 23, 2009

Broken Computer

So as you saw in my previous post our hard drive went out. It had ALL of our pictures on it so that is one reason I haven't blogged lately. I still need to blog about:

My Birthday / trip with the Mowrers
Sam's super cute Sunday clothes...he looks so handsome
4th of July...
Two wedding that I shot with Steve Wagner (you can get a little preview if you click on his name there...)
Swimming lessons
and other random things.

So as soon as Seth sends up our recovered hard drive (YAY Seth, you are truly awesome), I will update the blog. And just another reminder, if you ever need anything electronic, go to

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Joshua and Joy said...

That's a bummer that your hard drive crashed. We've been through that before. Once with Mom & Dad's computer and then with ours a few days after there's. It was pretty crappy. ---Sounds like you have a lot of blogging to catch up on. It sounds like you're able to recover it, so that's good. As far as pictures go, I try and upload my pics to Walgreens and Shutterfly and then save them on a flash drive too. That way the pics are in 3 different places, so I have a backup. There's nothing like losing pictures.