Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magnolia Park 2009

We went out to Dave's dads on Saturday and they suggested we all got to Magnolia was so much fun!!

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Linds said...

Love those pictures. Looks like fun. We need to find a place like that around here. 'Cause boy oh boy is it hot!!

Andrea said...

how fun.. great pic... where is this? seattle?

Andrea said...

hey.. it's me again..
how do I install a tracker on my blog too,, I have been getting weird ones on mine..

The Little Tracy Fam said...

How fun!!! I love water parks. Fountains are a lot easier to play in than a pool.

lynz said...

you have such cute kids bex! love the picture slideshow and looks like magnolia park might be a place to play some time this summer :)