Thursday, March 05, 2009

Camryn's "Bathtism"

Ok so it was a crazy week when Camryn was to be baptized or "bathtized" as Sam would say. Camryn came home from school on Thursday complaining of her side hurting. She was feeling a little feverish and was always going to the bathroom. I thought she might have something going on with her kidneys so I took her in to see the doctor. Sure enough it was a kidney infection. Great.

So we got her some anitbiotic syrup.. and let me tell you that stuff was nasty! Really thick and "cherry" flavored. Well she took it a few times and then started throwing up. I had to call the doctor to see if I could get a pill form. Once she started taking the pill form she was a lot better. She didn't throw up nearly as much. She was still pretty sick on Friday night when Daves dad and step mom came to visit. Since they were here I asked Dave and his dad to give Camryn a blessing. I was holding her hand during the blessing and it was really hot and sweaty. As soon as the blessing was over, she felt cool to the touch and asked for something to eat. It was truly a miracle.

The next day she was able to get baptised. There was another little Tongan girl that was baptised that day too and her family brought Camryn a beautifu lei. Daves dad gave a wonderful talk and Aunt Jenny and Aunt Paige sang a beautifu song together while Daves mom played the piano.We all went to Red Robin for lunch and Camryn was feeling good. Later that night she was back to feeling pretty crummy. Within a few days she was back to normal. All I can say is that I believe in the power of priesthood blessings and I am so greatful to be married to a worthy priesthood holder.
This is Camryn and her friend Bronson. I love that kid.


DuPree's said...

Wow, the Church is so true! And I can't BELIEVE that Camryn is 8. She looks so much more grown up now than she did just this last summer. I just can't believe that she's getting to old and grown up and beautiful... I bet you can't believe it either!

Linds said...

Love that story. I'm totally crying. That is so awesome. I'm so glad that she is better now.

Living Green said...

Congrats Camryn on being baptised! I am so glad she is feeling better. Blessing are such a well, blessing aren't they.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing such a sweet experience! I'm so glad that she was able to have her special day and enjoy it. What would we do without the Priesthood?!