Thursday, January 22, 2009

Halloween Post

Ok so here we go...Halloween has come and gone but I am finally posting about it. Camryn was a cheerleader this year and actually had a real cheerleader uniform form a girl in our ward. It was an old one that she wore when she was younger so it fit Camryn ok. I don't have any pictues of her because she had the opportunity to go with her Grandma Kate up tp Spokane. She had a great time.

Sam on the other hand was here with us and he was a ladybug! Grandma Kate made this costume when Camryn was little and when Sam saw it he woldn't take it off...


Linds said...

That is the cutest ladybug I've ever seen. I love that he was a ladybug!

Marsh Family said...

If Francis from "A Bug's Life" can do it, so can Sam. Way to rock!