Saturday, August 09, 2008


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...Camping. Can I just say that I have NEVER had a good experience camping. Not during girls camp, even when we had cabins! And not this weekend. My friend Challene really wanted to go camping as a group before she moves back to Utah so I reluctantly went, thinking it might be fun with friends. Dave and I went up early to set up and get the dinner ready for when everyone else got there. We knew that there would be a chance of rain but went anyway. It started to rain a little bit right before everyone got there, and the kids were a mess pretty much instantly. The campsite was pretty close to the beach so it was a sandy campsite. Yeah that's right, sandy and rainy...makes for a sticky sandy messy time.

Challene, Will, Amy, John and kids (Ethan, Josh, Gwen and Chloe) got there a few hours later and we started dinner. It was still raining on and off. We put the kids to bed around 9ish. Our kids went down no problem, Sam hadn't napped and Camryn couldn't wait to sleep in the tent.

I know what you're thinking...this doesn't sound THAT bad, well this is where it gets good.

Challene and Will's kids were having a bit of a hard time getting to sleep so they decided to call it a night so their kids would sleep, It was pretty much the same story with Amy and John's kids. It was raining pretty steadily by that time so we all ended up going to bed around 10:30.

I could NOT get to sleep. When I would start to doze someones dog decided to bark for like a half hour. Plus, I hate air mattresses. I can't believe people can actually sleep on them comfortably. Besides, mine had a hole in it which I finally discovered at 1:30 in the morning when Sam woke up and said that he was poopy.* I hadn't brought his diaper bag in the tent so I had to trudge out to the car in the rain and get a diaper and the wipes. I got back in the tent and started to change Sam's diaper and it was barely even wet! No poop!!

*Side note, I predicted Sam waking up and telling me he was poopy because I didn't bring the diaper bag in the tent.

So After finally changing him anyway and singing him a few songs he finally layed back down and went to sleep. I had to blow up my mattress again and try to get comfy..ugh. So I layed there a few more hours realizing that my mattress did in fact have a hole and so I tried not to move too much so the air would leak out slower. I was on the hard ground within the hour. So finally morning comes and Camryn and I went to take a shower. The floor right in front of the stall was totally dirty so after the shower we had to figure out how to get dressed without getting our pants totally sandy/muddy inside.

We finally made it outside to go and have breakfast. After breakfast we started to clean up. The kids were kind of running around playing at both campsites. I was trying to keep the kids semi clean before we got in the car to go hang out at the beach for the day. But by this time, I was pretty sick of the rain and the sand as wasn't really sure that I even wanted to go to the beach. The straw that broke the camels back is when I heard Sam start to scream and saw that he had gotten sand thrown up into his face. It was in his eyes, mouth, ears, up his nose...sheesh. At that moment I just couldn't deal with the sand anymore. So I had to walk over and tell Challene that we were going home. She did everything she could to try and convince me to stay and usually I am a push over but I just couldn't do it. (I'm sorry Challene!)

I am bummed that we couldn't stay and play but I am happy to be home in dry jammies...(yeah it's 1:00 in the afternoon what's your point).

Thanks for inviting me Challene even though I was a total party pooper. Every party needs a pooper that's why you invited me.

*Side note, this post is not intended to make anyone involved on the camping trip feel bad. No one contributed in my decision to go home. It was purely my bad attitude.


Green Family said...

I am sorry you left, you were missed! I had fun even though it was not ideal. And THANKS for going for me it really would not have been the same with out you guys. Next year on our annual get together we will: First - Have NO KIDS! Second - Go some place WARM! Third - Go somewhere where there is NO SAND! Well that about covers it don't you think.

John said...

We sure love you becki!!!! We missed you so much when you guys left. Thanks for the great dinner and breakfast!

Holly and Dan Lujan said...

Oh Becki! I love you. I'm sorry you had a sandy messy time. I dread nights on camping trips! I am always afraid I won't sleep and I have also experienced the "hole in the mattress" syndrome and it is not fun. YAY for party poopers! I do have to say I am glad that Challene had a rocking good time!

jllowoolsey said...

Well, I'll just say that I'm not really that sad we missed it. Hee hee! J/K! But we did miss you at the beach. I say next time lets go somewhere warm. AZ is fabulously warm , I mean HOT!

Heather Mowrer said...

I'm booking the yurt for next year so get your calendar out. We must turn this tide.
Air matresses are a waste of polypropleyne in my opinion. I recommend cots.