Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Best Girls Night EVER!!!

And by Best Girls I mean THE best girls I have ever had the privilege to know. Ok so a confession first. When my friend Challene first told me about the Twilight books I was less then thrilled. I mean come on a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire? Seriously? Anyone who knows me, knows that I am more of a mystery / action kind of gal...not so into love stories. She bugged me enough that I finally read the first book (Twilight), and I have to was ok. The action was good enough to make me want to read the next book (New Moon). It was way better than the first one, so on it went. I read the third one (Eclipse) and HAD to find out what happened to Bella!
So that brings us to this post. There was a release party for the fourth book: Breaking Dawn. Me and my best girls (yes Holly you too ;)) had to go even though we knew we would be the oldest ones there, which means I would be the oldest one there (I'm the oldest in the group) Yes there were other mom's there but we were the only "older" group there for ourselves and not for a teenage daughter. We didn't care at all. we had the best time being crazy, screaming like high schoolers and we didn't give a hoot what people thought of us. So here are some pictures from the nights festivities, there are a lot!

Here we are in the morning, in line for our bracelets. Lindsey and I got #'s 23 and 24 and Challene and Amy got like in the 450's!! We got their books for them so we weren't there till three in the morning.

On our way!!!

This was the duo that was emceeing the trivia and debate portions of the night. I can just say that the guy was pretty good and then the chick came on and it took everything Amy had to not throw her shoe at her!

Here are our prize winning t-shirts that Amy's mother-in-law made for us. We won first prize for a team t-shirt.

Lindsey Holly Amy and me

Challene was getting so mad about the answers the tween girls were giving during the Edward Jacob debate.

Here's Challene after we finally made her go up in the debate and speak her mind.

She couldn't go alone, so Amy being the good friend that she is went with her.

Amy and Challene

I imagine this is what Bella must feel like when Edward is kissing her...ha ha!

Me and Challene, why is my tongue always hanging out?

Amy's mother-in-law also stopped by and gave us these awesome cookies that she made. They were sooo good!

See, I told you they were good!

Here we are in line, this was right after the countdown! see us screaming in there? How come no one else is?

Here is Lindsey after "the purchase"

I said it once and I'll say it again, best girls night ever!


Green Family said...

BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! So are you done yet?! Where are you in the book?

jllowoolsey said...

LOVED IT!! It was the best girls night ever. How are we going to top that one?

Amy said...

I agree with Lindsey...not sure we can top that one! However, just hanging out with each other is enough fun for me! I love you guys!!!

Nicole Wagner said...

Okay, i'm jealous....I want to read the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no one EVER told me it was a LOVE STORY!!!! I'm a sucker for love stories!!
who can lend me one????
and I never get invited to girls night anymore??:( that sucks...I feel like somethings wrong with I stink??

Holly and Dan Lujan said...

It was the BEST night ever. I'm glad we are friends now! ;) You even considered me among the best! Awesome!

katie said...

too funny! I haven't read these books, now I'm thinking I should... I get a girls nioght out of it?