Saturday, July 12, 2008


My parents were kind enough to watch the kids for a few days so Dave and I could have a night in Vegas.

This is where we stayed. one time we wanted to go out to the strip and walk around. We took a wrong turn in the hotel and 45 minutes later we ended up outside. The place was massive!!!

This was the view from our window.

This is the hallway that we had to walk down to get to the elevator. We were all the way in the back!

This is the bathroom with the huge tub.

This is the view from sitting on the toilet. Like I want to see myself going to the bathroom!

This is the ceiling in the Bellagio. These are made of glass. they looked like huge jellyfish. We want to stay there next time. It was so nice there!

After we checked out we had breakfast at t nice little Scottish restaurant you all might know...MMMM McGriddles.


Amy said...

Loved those pictures!!! I am so jealous! And that would be weird watching yourself do your business! haha!

jllowoolsey said...

So much fun to go to Vegas! And I love that you took a picture of yourself on the Jon, hilarious!

The Hannibals said...

Shame shame you guys! We would have driven up to Vegas to hang out with you :( Oh well, we'll just have to wait until Melia's wedding.

Heather Mowrer said...

I wanna be buried in a tub like that. Make it so Beck.