Saturday, July 12, 2008


So we left for Disneyland on the 15th of June. The first day we were there it was SO crowded!!! Come to find out, it was the last day of some local annual pass and so all the locals were trying to use up their passes, it was ridiculous!
We did use the harness that our friends let us borrow but it was almost like Sam had to much freedom and he took his sweet time doing everything! We ended up renting a stroller the rest of the days (it was free with my Disney Visa). The next few days were much better. Dave and I took turns going on rides and taking Camryn back later in the evening without Sam so we could get some serious rides done. All in all it was super fun but I wouldn't go back with a kid under 5 again. Poor Sam just got too tired and it took twice as long to do anything.

Whinnie the Pooh ride, he went on that 3 times in a row. He loved it almost as much as Pirates

She got totally soaked on the Grizzly

Camryn's Favorite ride: California Screamin' This is just after we got off.

Out of everything Sam loved playing in the water the most.

See that Ferris Wheel in the back? They have cars that are stationery and ones that swing. DON'T go on the ones that swing, we all got so sick.....Blah!


Batman Forever said...

That is why we didn't take Gavin. You guys look like you had a great time though
. I can't believe Cameron went on California Screamin'. Only Isaac would go on that one with me. I love it though.

Green Family said...

I can not wait untill the boys are old enough to really enjoy Disneyland. Looks like you guys had a great trip. But I am glad your back!

Amy said...

Oh I loved that post!!! That's funny that you went on Winnie the Pooh a bunch of times in a row! We did the same thing! John would have Gwen on Splash Mountain, while I had Chloe on the Pooh ride! Then we'd switch! SO FUN! I thought the ride was adorable!

Camryn looks like she's having a blast!

jllowoolsey said...

I've been waiting for you to post. I'm still way jealous. It looks like you had a great time. Can't wait till we can go.

My little pods said...

okay, i've been waiting for so long for this post...finally. i was sick of looking at the disney map:) looks like you had so much fun. i love disneyland!! oh and i really love your hair...i never get to see you so i forgot that it was cut. hotness becki!