Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elder's Quorum Activity

So there was an Elder's Quorum activity last Saturday and it was actually pretty fun despite the fact that we were at Saturday Market all morning and Sam didn't take a nap. There is a little park in the field behind the church and the kids played and had a great time. Sometimes I feel like a dork toting my camera all over the place but then I get cute shots like this and I'm glad I brought it along.
There was a point in the afternoon that Sam had walked out f my sight, and when I went to see where he was, he was GONE. The park area is gated but the gate is always open. I asked a few friends to help me look for him. I went out the gate to look and saw Sam running towards me from around the corner of the church (which was pretty far). He ran all the way down the sidewalk and into my arms and I just about lost it crying. I held him tight and then swatted him on the bum and told him to never run off like that again! He looked at me like he was thinking "What's the big deal I was just running around". Sheesh!

You wanna go Wiza? (Liza)

Jared Woolsey brought stuff for water balloons, those kids swarmed him so fast!

First time down the big slide by himself


Tanya Dow said...

Super cute pics!!! Keep toting that camera. I should be as good. I love the picture of the grassy, wet foot.

jllowoolsey said...

Great pictures. I still can't believe how fast Sam got away. That was frightening.
p.s. Thanks for coming over last night. That was so much fun. We should do it again for the season premiere. Ok?