Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yow Yow is on vacation.....

You might remember a previous post when "Yow-Yow" was missing. He was eventually found at Grandpa's house outside by the car. Well we went to Wal-mart last week and he was in the cart. My mom told me to get Sam in the car and she would get the bags int he car. Well she must have missed Yow-Yow. Dave and I went back a few hours later and looked through all of the carts and asked Lost and found and looked through the store. As we were leaving Dave asked the door greeter and she said the she found it and had set it on the trash can. I guess she couldn't take 5 seconds to take it to lost and found. Anyway, Dave proceeded to look through the trash...yes at Wal-mart... he didn't find it.

Yow-Yow will be back from vacation tomorrow thanks to the Russ website.

How could I not replace him? He makes this kid look like this.

And makes him feel better when he feels like this.


jllowoolsey said...

I know the feeling. Liza lost her Jasmin doll while we were jogging the other day. I retraced my steps three times, and still didn't find it. I guess Jasmin and Yow Yow went on vaycay together. Guess we'll be making a trip to the disney store to pick her up.

Holwege Family said...

HEY, did you google us? Just kidding, it was funny to see your comment. I didn't know anyone would look at our blog. Hope all is well for you guys!

Hollyween said...

I can't believe how behind on your blog I am!! SO SORRY!
I'm so glad you bought another yow yow and didn't give your baby a walfart infested one from the trash. That would be so ICK!