Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tag Again!!

A: Attached or single: permanetly attached

B: Best Friend: Heather

C: Cake or Pie: Cake, the cheap store bought kind

D: Day of Choice: Saturday

E: Essential Item: chap stick

F: Favorite Color: Pink and green

G: Gummi Bears or Worms: both

H: Hometown: Bowie MD

I: Indulgence(s): Lisa Williams on lifetime

J: January or July: July I love the summer.

K: Kids: Camryn and Sam

L: Life is incomplete without: My family

M: Marriage Date: December 21st

N: Number of Siblings: 6 brothers and 1 sister

O: Oranges or Apples: mmmm oranges.

P: Phobias or Fears: Throwing up

Q: Quote(s): Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam

R: Reason To Smile: My kids, they are too funny sometimes

S: Season: I love summer!!

T: Tag Six: Amy, Kara, Holly, Challene, Lindsey and Paige

U: Unknown Fact About Me: favorite movie is 300.

V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Mmmmmm Beef

W: Worst Habit: not folding the laundry

X: X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasound. There is nothing like seeing your baby!

Y: Your Favorite Food: it changes all the time...Fondue from Gustav's

Z: Zodiac: Gemini


jllowoolsey said...

Love the picture!!

ejmowrer said...

Either you've taken to wearing your wedding ring on your right hand or you've been altering your photos again. How can we believe anything you've written if the photo is a lie? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE!

Heather Mowrer said...
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Heather Mowrer said...

Beckley! You put me down as your BFF! I am so touched. I love you too man :). That's it. I am canceling the cruise.

ejmowrer said...

I am reinstating the cruise. Please forgive me.

Nicole Wagner said...

nice to learn more about you:)
I have a blog now too:

love ya!