Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Camryn!!!!

LOTS of pictures in this post. We went to Wall Street Pizza for Camryn's 7th (I know I can't believe I have a 7 year old) Birthday Party. Their pizza is sooooo good, Plus they have an awesome game room with air hockey and all. It was a great time.

Here is my sweet little girl playing a hunting game and cheering for every deer she killed.

Sam and Adi running around playing on everything they could climb on to.

Great Grandpa feeding Adi his ice cream cake. How sweet!

We were trying to get everyone gathered around so we could sing happy birthday to Camryn
before the cake malted and Hirschi was busy playing a racing game!!

This is by far (no offense) the funniest gift that Camryn got. It was on her list..a long black wig with bangs. This came courtesy of Aunt Paige and Uncle Hirschi....Hilarious!

Dave's dad had to model it too.

Here is Dave trying to teach his mom how to kill deer. Maybe Camryn should have been showing her.

One of the racing games was out of order which was actually kind of nice because Sam and Adi could play in it all they wanted. Hirschi is moving it around for Adi so she feels likes she's really going.

.....Dairy Queen cake.

She wanted another Build a Bear so bad. Thanks Grandma!!!

Sam was so sad that he didn't have anything to open. Your turn is coming next week big guy.

Grandma kate made all the little kids a hat. So cute!

Here is Camryn modeling her black wig. Too funny.

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