Friday, December 14, 2007


Last month I agreed to dog sit my friends dog while she and her family went to Arizona for Thanksgiving. They were in a real pickle and I wanted to help her out. His name is Winston and he looks like the dog from Frazier (if any of you watch that...) He is crate trained and sleeps in there at night. So the first night, Camryn happened to be sleeping over at her Grandma's so her room was empty so I figured I would put Winston in there in his crate to sleep. Dave was gone playing games. It was about mid-night when i put Winston in his crate and in Camryn's room and shut the door. I got about 2 feet away from the door when the barking began.

When Dave got home about a half an hour later he suggested putting the crate in the living room so the dog didn't feel alone. That worked...for a few hours. At about two am he started barking again.....for about an hour. ARG!!

The next few days were good, the kids had fun and Dave would take him for walks in the morning. I felt bad because I couldn't really play with him too much because I am allergic to cats and dogs, I just get really itchy. So Dave was really sweet with him and let him lay all over him. I think the only real annoyance was that Sam kept getting into the dogs food and throwing it all over the place.

A few good things were that whenever Sam would spill some food Winston was right there to clean it up. Also I learned that I don't think I ever want a dog. I felt weird that there was something else living in the house that wasn't that weird?

When we first got him, Dave said "well I hope he doesn't think I'm going to let him lay all over me....yeah right.

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Jill said...

You are amazing. I hate dogs and cats and pretty much any other animal that has to be taken care of. Good for you for being such a trooper!