Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving...follow up

OK, so if you read the previous post then you know that I have been dealing with the "management" at the Shilo Inn for what happened to us on Thanksgiving. Well after calling back the first manager that I was talking to (and yes I had to call him surprise surprise) he said "I will call you back at 3:00 after I talk with my property manager. Well 5:00 rolls around and he had just left for the day an wouldn't be in for the next two days! WHAT!?!? So I talked to the manager that was working that night. She said that she would "talk to the powers that be" and call me back later that night....yeah right again. So 9:00 rolls around (and yes I called them back) And she said that she would send an official complaint to Corporate and that I should hear back in about a week......great.

Well this morning I get a call from Al, the managers manager I guess, and he wanted the whole story...again, this is the THIRD time I have had to tell someone. Well he offered me a gift certificate and I told him that we didn't really want to come back blah blah blah, and he said that he would see about getting me some of my money back but that it probably wasn't likely, and that he would call me back. Well can you believe that he DID call me back within an hour? Finally someone who does what they say. Well he couldn't get us any of our money back but he did want to offer us a $100 gift certificate and a very sincere apology from himself and on behalf of the entire company. I took it.

So Dave and I are going to take his sister Jenny and his mom out for a nice dinner. I will let you know how it is.


Amy said...

I can't believe that! What an ordeal!!!

ejmowrer said...

To Gator's? No? Too bad. I really wanted to try that place out.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Okay. I've been wondering about this. Kudos to you for sticking with it and telling them off. The original person was just hoping you'd forget about it. He didn't want to deal with you. 100 bucks? Too bad it's not cash, but still... it IS SOMETHING! Yay for you!

The Woolner Family said...

Does nice dinner at Shilo mean they'll scrape the bugs of the dinnerware for you--complimentary?

A couple years ago Chad and I stayed at a Shilo in Boise. I was absolutely disgusted. There were literally dead bug guts all over the walls and the sheets were not clean. I made them keep changing our rooms to a better one until I was satisfied. Yuck.