Saturday, November 24, 2007


So here is my Thanksgiving post...are you ready?

David and I spent Thanksgiving with his mom and grandparents this year. We decided that we would go out to dinner which was fine with us because Paige has just had a baby and wasn't going to be there to help us cook. So Dave's mom suggested that we go to the Shilo Inn at the airport, she had heard that it was pretty good. I called a few weeks ago and made the reservations for eight of us at 4:00. So Thanksgiving rolls around, we all head on over to the Shio Inn and it looks pretty nice, there is a guy playing the piano and the ambiance is nice. The hostess starts to take us to our seats, past the nice restaurant part and into a banquet hall. The lights are all the way on, and there is a boom box in the corner on the floor playing some random radio station, not even classical or Christmas music, just a regular old radio station! We felt like we were in a cafeteria.

As if that weren't bad enough, the dinner was banquet style which is fine but we had to walk all the way from the cafeteria...I mean banquet hall, through the nice restaraunt part to get our food. The food was gross. There was dried up ham that was hard as a rock, or plain turkey, soggy stuffing, hard as rock rolls and bloody prime rib. There was a choice of store bought pumpkin or apple pie with cool whip. Needles to say I only had one plate of food.

So here's the worst part....The check comes and we realize then that we didn't even know how much each person was going to cost. Well Camryn (little Camryn) was $13.95!!! And the adults were $27.95 each!!!! I almost fainted. So $70 bucks later (and yes that is the amount we paid tip and all) we left being totally upset.

I called the manager later that evening and told him how unhappy we all were, and he proceeded to tell me that they usually get really good reviews. He told me that he would call me the next day at 3:00 to work something out. Well 4:00 the next day I called him and he said that he would give us some percentage off coupons to use for the next time we come in. HA! I told him that we didn't want to come back and that I wanted a partial refund. He said he would have to talk to the property manager and that he would call me on Monday...Yeah right, looks like I'll be making another call on Monday...

Just because we had a bad dinner doesn't mean that I am not thankful.I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, my family and friends and especially my Savior.

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John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Wow. I'm really sorry about your crappy day and crappy dinner. EWWW. SO, did they call yet? I have to know. Also, the post was great because of the picture of the baby. Priceless.