Saturday, September 08, 2007


Yeah that's right I went to Vegas all by myself, with no husband or kids..... well that's not entirely true...yeah I did go to Vegas (if you call driving through "going to Vegas") and I did go without Dave, but I did have two kids there with two nieces Billie and Carmen. It was fun anyway even if I didn't get to gamble.

Some Golden lion...I don't even remember what hotel this was in front of...I just had Billie and Carmen in my ear saying "TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT!!!"

And I HAD to take a picture of The Wynn in honor of Dave's middle name.


The Woolner Family said...

Last Christmas I flew to Vegas to drive to Beaver, UT. I was with my friend, Tiffany, and we both were so freaked out to be driving in Vegas in the dark of night. You are brave.

ejmowrer said...

Let's see. I had a companion in the MTC that was from Cedar City. Yep. I did.

The Lion is in front of the MGM Grand (Puh-leeze). Not... that ... I've been to vegas a lot... I'm just sayin'...

Heather Mowrer said...

Dang it! Eric already beat me to the MGM (puh-leeze) sarcasm. I mean, seriously Beck, it's at the beginning of like 50% of the movies you've ever seen in your life ;).

You're still gonna speak to me after that . . . right?