Monday, March 19, 2007

An evening with the Mowrers

We and our BFF's the Mowrers' decided to go out for a "night on the town". Being the frugal people that we are we wanted to go to a place that was in our Entertainment book. So from no help from our husbands, Heather and I decided on Bannings Restaurant and Pie House. We thought "Hey..Pie. It has to be good right?" Well here is a list telling you all of the things that were WRONG with the place:

1. Oregon Lottery signs in the window. (chances are if there is one of those in the window...not the best place in town.)

2. The chick in the parking lot with the "hair" as Eric put it. and her driver...

3. Payphone with the crumpled up tissue located inside the restaurant. see picture below..

4. Used lottery tickets in the window..again..see picture below..

5. Dishrag smell

6. When I asked for a regular coke the guy came back with two diet one else ordered coke and no one ordered a diet anything.
7. Eric asked for no ice in his drink but got it anyway.
8. Eric asked for over easy eggs and got scrambled.
9. There were four of us and only two place settings, yes this is common but no one ever offered to bring us two more, so we had to ask....
10. We all wanted water and the guy told us he would bring a carafe....said carafe was never brought, we came to the conclusion that he just wanted to use the word carafe......
11. There were peas on Dave's salad...just a little odd we thought.
12. Hairdo #'s 2 and 3 sitting at the adjacent I wish I had a picture of THAT!
13. Empty ketchup bottle. I had to swipe the one from hairdo # 2 and 3's table after they left.
14. There was a bottle of separated, stinky honey on the table...
15. Located next to another high quality restaurant: Gators.
16. Really bad service in general. The manager actually was going around apologizing to each table, telling us that they were down 3 servers and had a new guy on that night....guess who our server was....
17. The food took FOREVER!!!!!
18. The Ruben sandwiches that Dave and Heather ordered were soggy.
19. We were never offered refills on our drinks, even after we slurped LOUDLY to get any ones attention and asked for them a couple times. EVEN after the manager came to apologize to us she cleared away our dishes and took our empty glasses.
20. Eric ordered steak but never got a steak knife.
21. PICKLES ON THE WALL!!! (see pictures below)

we did this....

22. We requested two checks and only got one.
23. They didn't ask if we wanted desert and we did! Hellooooo you're a PIE HOUSE! Don't you think people may want to order a piece of pie?

Here are a few positives:
1. Free suckers
2. When she split the check and ran ours, she said the machine was having trouble and it ran out ticket for $0.00 and so she gave it to us like that....Free Meal!

So I realize that a lot of these things are no big deal but come on put them all together and what a crappy place...


ejmowrer said...

I hope remembered to take the pickles off the wall before we split... and I hope they didn't find their way into anybody's sandwich after that.

John and Amy said...

that gave me a good laugh!!!! Thanks!