Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Easy Bake!!

Camryn and I got out the Easy Bake Oven and made ourselves a silver dollar sized cake. MMMMM MMMMMMM!!! I just learned today that all Easy Bake Ovens purchased after May 2006 have been recalled because people get their hands stuck in the oven trying to get the pans out. Don't ask my why they are putting their hands in there....there is a piece especially made to get them out, and it even says "do not put hands inside oven...HOT! Buncha idiots. Anywyay, here is Cam and I and our cake.


ejmowrer said...

I'll have you know my mother died from complications resulting from getting her hand stuck in an easy bake oven.

John and Amy said...

very cute! Hey...was that ejmowrer kidding?

ejmowrer said...

Yes, kidding. ;)