Sunday, January 28, 2007

Only in Portland!!

Only in Portland do the people go to the zoo in the middle of winter! We and out best friends the Mowrers went to the zoo with our kids on Saturday afternoon and let me tell you it was Freezing! We must have hung out in the "inside rain forest" for at least a half hour to warm our selves up. We really did have a great time though. Sam was probably the only one who felt comfortable, he was so bundled up.

Our Friends Eric and Heather Mowrer

Nice and bundled!

Camryn and Beren Mowrer


Leah said...

I'm sure by "best friends" you meant "best friends in Oregon who are not Dylan and Leah". But I can see why you might simplify it in the interest of time, so I won't be too hurt/offended/furious.

John and Amy said...

We went to the zoo not too long ago too! It was probably about 25 degrees! haha..but we had fun. It is crazy though. Can't wait until summer...

ejmowrer said...

Some of us had, let's just say... extra insulation... and weren't really all that uncomfortable. The wind was irritating at times, but isn't it always?

Oh, and by 'some' I mean 'me'.