Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's behind door number 3?

A new car!! After weeks of looking for something that was inexpensive yet safe and somewhat newer, we found a car. We needed to get something because Becki's brother Gabe is buying our Jeep when he gets home from Iraq in a few weeks. The morning we were leaving to meet the seller at the credit union, our Jeep wouldn't start! Of all days!!!!! So we had to wait for Dana to come to our house so we could use her car. Luckily we made it and were able to get our car! We love it. It is a wagon and has a lot more foot room for Camryn in the back seat.
David has already gotten his pinky finger caught in the door as Camryn was getting out. It had a big purple dent in it and now is swollen to twice the size of his normal pinky, but I think it will be ok.

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Leah said...

Sweet! Do you take it off any sweet jumps?