Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catch Up!!

OK so i know it's been like years since we posted, ok morelike six months or so but here goes. Sam is 71/2 months old now and couldn't be cuter. He is so much fun!! He is standing up while holding on to things and the doctor thinks he will walk early....great. He gets into EVERYTHING!!! But we love him anyway.
Camryn started Kindergarten last week and she loves it. I think she may get bored before too long though because they learn one letter a day and she is pretty much past that. David is still working at Reynolds High School and is preparing to take the Dental Admissions Test next month. hopefully by this time next year we will be getting ready to start dental school somewhere!! He is also really into bored games and has a "game day" coming up. And when I say "Day" I mean from 1-10pm. He is really excited.
I am enjoying being a stay at home mom, there's nothing like cleaning and wrestling on the floor with the kids to keep you happy. I really do like it though. Please enjoy the pictures posted and we hope that you are all well.

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Leah said...

Oh, good. I was beginning to wonder if you even knew the internet still existed. I wish I were there to eat Sam's chubby cheeks and knock some more of Cam's teeth out.