Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Son

I love this kid...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random thoughts

Every time I hear the song Diamonds and Pearls by Prince, it totally reminds me of the Skate Station that I used to go to EVERY week in middle school.

Sometimes when I'm walking, I start to feel like I'm doing it all wrong.

I think next time I order something through a drive thru, I might use a different accent...just for fun.

I love it when I make microwave popcorn and after pouring it in the bowl, a kernel pops.

I have been putting Marion's diaper on backwards for the past few nights because she keeps taking it off.

We tried putting Marion in a toddler bed but after a half hour of her getting out RIGHT after I laid her down I gave up. She's fine in her crib...

I. Love. lime otter pops.

My hair Has gotten to that annoying length where I just want to chop it...but I won't. I am determined to grow it!!

I took both of the kids back to school clothes shopping...at Goodwill. Why haven't I done this every year?

It took everything I had to NOT look for clothes for myself.

I am so ready for school to start. It will be nice to get back to normal (scheduled) life.

I really REALLY want to start planning menus for dinner every week.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I. Hate. Insomnia.

BUT,  why not put this time to good use and BLOG!! I have been neglecting this poor blog for sometime and I really shouldn't. I have family all over the world for goodness sake and SOME of them aren't on Facebook (gasp!).

There hasn't been too much going on lately...just summer...you know...heat. It has been especially hot this week, up in the hundreds! About a month ago we bought the kids a pool, it's about 3 feet deep and they LOVE it. Dave didn't think they would use it as much as they do. They are in and out of that thing all day long. Marion even has a little tan line on her baby bum. It is so cute.

I guess this will be somewhat of a catch up post...

Camryn (I don't have a recent picture of her...shame on me) is doing great. She is finally at the age where she can stay home with the two smaller kids and babysit for us! It has been so awesome. She is getting so mature. We went out for a girls night a few weeks ago, just the two of us. We went to dinner at Red Robin, we had a really great time. I can't believe that she is going to be a big middle schooler in just a few weeks. I remember middle school, it can be rough. I just hope that we have as good as a relation ship that I think we do and that she feels like she really can come and talk to us about whatever nay be going on. She is going to be playing the cello, I am excited about that!

Sam, oh, where do I begin with Sam? He is a crazy boy. I don't know how my mother survived with five boys, I can barely handle one! Sam always makes me laugh though. He is very creative and loves to do most anything that makes noise. He told me today that he wants to grow his hair out like Thor or our friend Doug Johnson (he just buzzed his hair but it used to be down to his shoulders...)

Marion is probably the sweetest two year old that I know... Her favorite thing to do is sit on the couch with me and watch "shows" She loves The Wiggles and her new favorite movie is The Lorax. I have to admit, I really love the movie. It sends a great message and the music is awesome. My favorite this is that while we watch it Marion sings along with the music and says some of the dialogue...can you tell we watch it a lot? Marion is talking so mush these days. one of her favorite things to say is "MINE!!"

I went to Canada last month and I really need to dedicate a whole post to it because there are a loot of pictures and it was awesome...except getting there and back was rough...

Dave is getting ready to start back to work on Monday and he is never happy about that, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

So there you have it...our lives, right now,  in a nutshell....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Absolute fear

I feel bad every time I watch this but I still think it's pretty funny...poor kid.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I literally almost had a heart attack this morning. The kids and I were getting ready for church this morning and they headed out to get in the car. They couldn't find the keys to unlock the car, so Camryn came in to look for them and Sam was looking in my bag (which he had out there with him). I was gathering up some last minute stuff (diaper bag, snacks... you know). I walked out the door and didn't see Marion! I asked where she was and neither of the kids knew....holy crap! I yelled, "start looking!!!!" Camryn walked up the street and up to the mailbox. She saw Marion walking up 125th in the middle of the road, and she was almost up to Glisan street! I freaked out!! Camryn ran to grab her and brought her back. We walked to the car, got in and I lost it. I couldn't help but think what could have been. I don't know what I would have done if she had made it to Glisan street or if someone had driven by and grabbed her. That girl hasn't a care in the world, and is so independent. I got to church and saw Dave and lost it again. I think I was just a little bit in shock. I even told the kids in my Sunday school class about it, and got all choked up again. I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father was watching over her. I love that little girl more than I could ever say, and couldn't imagine a life without her.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bachelor Final Episode and after...

Bens sister looks just like him...in drag.

Everyone is wearing these cute boots!! I NEED some cute boots!

Lindzi must be really nervous. She is all sweaty and has a huge honkin ZIT on her chin.

Lindzi said she never expected to fall in love. Really? Why the crap did you go on the show?!?

I hate that Bens sister asked Linzi about Courtney. I feel like Courtney didn't get a fair chance at her first impression.

Oh Ben, that hair of yours just needs to be chopped off.

Poor Lindzi, she keeps telling Ben that she loves him in hopes that he'll say it back.

Courtney is zitty too! The water in Switzerland must be bad or something.

I hate Courtney's wittle baby voice. It drives me nuts that no one else notices it.

Oh my word. Why does Courtney have to read her love letter out loud? How embarrassing.

I can't stand it when guys don't wear an undershirt under their dress shirts.

Wow! Nice leather gloves.

What's up with the cloaks?!?

I always feel so bad for the girl that gets dumped at the end. She's always so happy getting out of the limo ( or helicopter) and then just when they realize it's not them. When the smile leaves their face.... So sad.

Poor Lindzi. She looks terrified...and for good reason. She's OUTTA here!!

I LOVE IT!! She actually said "if things don't work out, call me."

I wouldn't want to be someone's second choice.

Enough with the long speeches! Just propose already!

I will love you forever. Or until the airing if the show is over.

I feel like its finally the real Courtney that we are seeing on After the Final Rose.

Ben should stop attempting to grow facial hair. It ain't going well.

I have to admit, it is really sad what the media has done to them. They genuinely seem to be affected by the negative press.

It makes me feel better that a lot if the women in the audience are older than me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bachelor Women Tell All

I think I can sum this up in just a few comments:

If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Seriously, don't you know that those interviews you give are going to come back and bite you in the butt?!?

The people in the audience are kind if pathetic. I mean it's one thing to watch this on tv, but to actually purchase tickets to see it in person is just sad.

Best line/clip of the night: here's to overcoming your fears.

I LOVE the blooper shots. It makes everyone seems so much less fake.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Bachelor episode nine.

I'm just gonna say this: I know Ben is going to pick Courtney. He is a sleaze bag and so is she.

Helloooo Switzerland!! I want to go there soo bad.

Switzerland: the perfect place to fall in love....seriously?

ANOTHER helicopter date? Come on Ben, use some imagination.

I wanted that copter to crash, just to put me out of my misery.

Why do I still watch this? I don't even like any of these chicks.

Ugh. Ben's hair.

I could not stand on that teeny mountain top. I couldn't even watch it.

I'm so sick of these women telling Ben what he wants to hear. Why can't they just be honest?

Dave and I were discussing whether or not they sleep together in the fantasy suite. I think yes, dave was not sure. For a while i thought no, but not anymore. What do you think?

Oh Linzi, what can I say that I haven't already? Blech.

Really? Repelling isn't that big of a deal. I don't know why they're so freaked out.

Did he just say "I love this woman"?!? He hasn't said that about anyone! Hmmmm

Ewww! I can't stand watching Ben and Linzi kiss. They are gross!

Why do they always sound so surprised when they get the fantasy suite card? Have you never watched the show?

I think the show is setting it up to look like he's going to pick Linzi, by showing Ben say he loves Linzi. So it will be shocking to everyone when he picks Courtney.

Has anyone else noticed how zitty Courtney is?

As much as it pains me to say this Courtney reminds me of Rory Gillmore....just a really raunchy one.

I think Courtney is on drugs. She is constantly moving and can't keep still. And playing with her hair! It is seriously driving me crazy!

Looks like being a total snatch might be coming back to bite her in the bum.

If Ben believes that Courtney is not going to drive his female friends away, he's a moron.

It's not such a big step to go to the fantasy suite with Courtney. I mean they've already gone skinny dipping together. Gross.

If I was let go right before they went to Switzerland I would ask to confront Ben too. Hello? Free trip to Switzerland.

There we go... Back to the classy Kacie that I knew.

That's a nice fitted sheet dress Nikki has on.

No surprise there, he picks Courtney.

Why do they always say " it has nothing to do with you" when they send someone home? Of course it does.

How many people have to tell Ben they hope he doesn't get hurt by Courtney?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bachelor Home Towns

Ben says that about every woman: I could really see myself falling in love with this woman and being with her forever.

Linzi's dad seems a little stalkerish. He knew Ben's dogs name...

Holy belt buckle batman!! Linzi's belt buckle was HUGE!

Those are some classy mason jar wine glasses.

What the crap is Kacie wearing?

Uh oh. Ben is not going to gel well with Kacies parents. I can tell.

Man, Kacis dad is burning a hole through Ben with his eyes?

Kacie would totally move in with Ben if she got picked. She totally lied to her dad, right to his face.

Niki is a skank and a half. She has a tramp stamp and she totally has a fat bum. I know that's rude but it's true.

So Niki leapt into a marriage that age wasn't ready for, but she's ready to marry Ben after only "dating" him for a few weeks? Oh please.

*side note: if one of my daughters EVER wanted to go on The Bachelor, I would NEVER allow her to go.

Poor Niki's dad, Ben is not going to pick her. You can tell her dad loves her SO much.

Ok, here comes Satan's....I mean Courtney's hometown...

Did she just say she felt bad about the way she has treated the other girls? Yeah right!

So now Courtney has three personalities, the total raunch at the bachelor house, the total baby/lovey dovey with Ben, and the semi normal girl at home with her family.

Ok so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Courtney is probably a pretty decent girl. I'm sure it's a lot of editing. Don't you remember Michelle Money?

I am willing to bet that Ben is going to be a complete idiot and actually pick Courtney.

Called it. Poor Kacie is stunned. It's all because her dad doesn't drink.

Sad. Kacie is such a sweet girl. Ben doesn't deserve her. He's an idiot.

Kacie is so classy, she just got in the car. No drama. Loved that girl :(

Ok, so maybe not completely classy, those two f-bombs in the car took her down a notch.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The bachelor episode 7- Do you Belize in love?

Kaci says she is as in love with Ben as she can get....hmmm

Man! All of a sudden there are only 6 girls left.

I hate it when people say "it's really real now" oh please! You are on reality tv people!

Nice wife beater with a pocket.

When Emily compared Ben to a piece if cheesecake in swim trunks was a little weird.

Really Linzi... You could die in two seconds from jumping 10 feet into the water?

Linzi looks SO much better with all that makeup off her face.

Did Linzi really ask if the pillows and blankets laid out in the dock was for them? Nah, it's for some other guy...duh

Do you Belize in love? Wow. Who writes this stuff?

Every week... Linzi's HAIR! I HATE IT!!

Is that bottle going to go anywhere?

Wow! Fishing for your own lobster, that would freak me out!

Whoa whoa whoa....Courtney is crying?!?! She has emotions??

There is definitely more of a friend vibe with Ben and Emily.

Courtney is always posing.

How can he not see how fake Courtney is. I think she may be a satanist.

Everything is about Courtney. And how she's feeling and blah blah blah.

Courtney is just way high maintenance. She just has to hear all the time how great she is.

K side note. How awesome was that temple?!? It makes you wonder who has been up there and what things have been done there.

What's going to happen when Courtney is away on one of her many photo shoots for weeks at a time without Ben? Are they going to have to "refind" the spark again?

Ben was right, Courtney is weird but not a good weird, like a scary weird.

What does it say about Courtney that she has a lot of guy friends? That girls don't like her!!!

Ha! I love that he went in and woke the girls up!!

Nikki is kind of a thick girl.

Is it just me or does Ben have really weird nipples?

Good move Kaci. Laying it all out to get Ben to meet your family.

Nice feather earring pocohantas.

Courtney is so lane with her stupid one liners: see ya wouldn't wanna be ya, oh snap, winning, it's not cool Courtney.

Wow! I can't believe he actually kept Courtney! I have to admit though, it will be interesting to see Satan's parents.

Emily is too smart for Ben anyway.

The Bachelor episode 123...567...

Bens kind of a geek.

Kaci B is gonna win this.

Is it just me, or did it look really cold there in Panama?

Hasn't there been like three helicopter dates already?

I'm not attracted to Ben, but I must agree with Kaci, he did look kinda sexy cutting open those coconuts.

Kaci B totally reminds me of my sister in law Melia. She is so cute and bubbly. (love you Melia!!)

I. Hate. Courtney.

I'm sure the village wasn't expecting them at all. Please.

I think it's really bad that Courtney is practically naked in front of these little boys.

Since when does Kacy (the other one) speak Spanish?!

I said it once and I'll say it again, Linzi really bugs the crap out of me.

I just can't stand the faces and the mannerisms that Courtney has. Just STOP and be normal!!

Oh my gosh Jamie!! Stop talking for a split second!

And once again Courtney, you are such a beast to interrupt their one on one time.

Oh Emily, that really was hilarious about being involved with the chief.

Oh my word. Is Courtney going to cry?!??

I LOVE that Ben didn't go to Courtney's room...skank.

I would hate this salsa dancing date. I cannot dance. At. All.

123...567?? I guess 4 doesn't exist in panama.

The two on one dates are always so awkward.

I'm just waiting for Blakley to come out and tell Ben that she used to be a man.

Ok. That collage book is so high school. I would know, I have s whole sketch book of magazine collages.

Why are they showing that alley cat??

What a let down with Kacy. I thought there was something wrong. Big deal, she's still in love with her ex boyfriend.

Bens not into Kacy anyway.

I love the shot of Ben looking out into the ocean looking contemplative. Like he gives a crap that Kacy is leaving.

Oh. Jamie. You are so clueless. Why are you telling Ben everything you are going to do? That was probably one if the most awkward moments in bachelor / bachelorette history. And that's saying something.

Is one of the parting gifts a black eye?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bachelor Episode 5 Puerto Rico

I thought Park City was the perfect place to fall in love, but I guess it's Puerto Rico.

Why are they still running in the rain? They're already soaked.

Ben looks like a drug dealer in his all white clothes.

Nikki's got some big legs!

I think she also has some really weird views about marriage.

It feels like Ben is interviewing Nikki for a job. Not romantic.

They kiss weird.

I want to RIP out Lindsey's bangs!

I would not want to do a chest bump with Blakley. Ouch.

Blakley is so good because she's a dude.

So let me get this straight, is the winners prize more time with Ben?

Kaci B. has some serious curly hair.

He is not into Elyse.

Way to tease the girl. He has the rise in hand and tells her she can't have it.

And then he sends her away on a rubber boat! Classy.

How long does this goodbye sequence need to be? Elyse, now cut to Ben walking down the beach, and repeat 5 billion times.

One word for Courtney: sah-lut.

On the beach "alone" with a camera crew.

Way to go Emily, " I'm not going to talk about Courtney, but I can't stand her and she's so annoying and blah blah blah..."

I don't know why I'm hating in Lindsey so much but She just looks so dirty to me.

I had a feeling Jennifer was going. You can tell when he's not into a girl. He just kind if looks off when their in conversation.

Plus she looks like Martin Shirt and she dips herself when dancing. (see previous post).

And she has total man hands.

What?!? No pictures this week?!?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Man from Snowy River

I'm sick of hearing "this is the perfect place to fall in love." shouldn't any place be the perfect place to fall in love, if it's the right person?

Rachel aka grandma, needs to quit smoking. Her voice is so manly.

I love Kaci, but NEWS FLASH!!! You're on The Bachelor! Ben is going to be going on dates with other women.

Whoa!! Nipple alert from Rachel. Sheesh. Wear a more supportive bra!

Their conversation is so strained and fake!

I just woke up because Ben and Rachel's date put me to sleep! I am so embarrassed from watching them.

These women get so jaded with these extravagant dates. This isn't going to be real life once the show is over. It's gonna be just the two of you at the breakfast table, with morning breath and farting sounds coming from the bathroom.

I. Hate. Courtney. She is so friggin FAKE!! Why doesn't Ben see through her?!?

Samantha is a total ditz and her boobs are too far out there. I hate how she's questioning him about being on so many group dates but live how honest he's being with her.

This look is saying "gimmie gimmie gimmie, I need I need I need. "

HA! Samantha is OUTTA there.

Do you ever catch yourself doing s dumb smile while your watching tv? I just did that when Ben was talking to Kaci.

Oh Courtney, your just so awesome and strong and confident. Um, try completely insecure. As my sister in law put it:
"Oh Becki! I wish we were watching this together! I could literally punch Courtney in the boob, she's a beastly individual!"

It's all a competition to Courtney, she doesn't want to be with Ben, she just wants to win.

I wonder if Ben and Jennifer thought repelling into that crater was crazy...

Jeeze ladies don't make it totally obvious that you're talking about Courtney.

I love that Blakley is doing Emily's hair in the bathroom. Cracked me up! And made me want to get my hair done.

Jennifer kept dipping herself... What the H?

It wasn't a concert for just Jennifer and Ben. There were like 200 other people there...

This chick was having a GREAT time!!

Holy boobs Monica!!

"I'm a nice person, don't (mess) with me." that doesn't make any sense.

How many times did Emily do this tonight?

I am going to miss Monica's cackle.

Oh Courtney, you are so much better than everyone else. "I was just in Puerto Rico two months ago."

See ya next week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Episode 3

That was an interesting choice of outfit that Emily chose for her date.
And why do they always have to run to each other?

How lame us it that the other girls can see Ben and Emily on their date.

Giving Emily the kiss to calm her down was a great idea.

Was Ben wearing lipgloss at dinner?!?

Why is this the first time I'm seeing Casey S? Where the crap did she come from?

"if we can get through this (meaning, climbing the bridge), we can get through anything.".....really? Just really? Let's think about that....

Who's ever heard of a leap list? Not me. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch...

Ah, I just learned what leap list was from the Honda commercial. That must be why Ben said something about it, to promote the sponsor.

Grandma chick sounds like a stupid valley girl when she talks.

Poor Brittany, Ben was totally plastered when she was trying to explain why she was leaving.

Whatever, Ben wouldn't have picked her anyway.

Did anyone notice that Monica was crying when Ben gave the rose to Rachel???

Lindsey wears WAY to much makeup.

Who the crap is Matt Nathanson?

That speak easy restaurant that they went to was way cool!

Really? After a year and a half Lindsey gets dumped by text message? Nothing happens for no reason like that.

By the way, her hair is terrible too. Get it out if your face!!! It reminds me if the goth girl in The Breakfast Club.

There is almost nothing sexier than a guy who plays the piano.

Who is that in the ugly yellow dress....oh Blakley, of course.

Martin Short is grossing me out. And she's gonna get her heart broken. It takes more than being the best kisser to get that final rose.

What gives Shawntel the right to just waltz in and say "I want to date Ben so I'm just gonna show up".

For someone who says she doesn't do drama, Courtney sure likes to start crap, and then leave.

Emily nailed it when she said that Courtney needs to be diagnosed.

It was hilarious that those girls were just standing there watching Shawntel and Ben talk.

"I hope these women are gracious and welcoming" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I can't stand looking at Courtney talk. Her mouth bugs the crap out of me.

I think it's hilarious that these girls keep saying that Ben doesn't know Shawntel. News flash ladies HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU EITHER!!!!

I thought it was really classy when Courtney called Shawntel "what's her butt".

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I feel like I'm going to throw up. "

"It's a three ring circus all because if Shawntel. "

Yeah it was Shawntel who made Erika pass out.

I hope Ben heard Courtney be rude to Shawntel as she was leaving. What a beast.

That mouth tattoo was seriously gross. And for me...that's saying something, because I usually really like tattoos.

I can't wait to see the man from snowy river next week.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bachelor episode two!

Holy Sanoma house!!

Love Ben's car!

I love Kaci's baton twirling!

The movie theater date was so cute!

What the crap was that jumpsuit/onesie that Blakley was wearing? Her boobs are totally nasty fake.

The "model" Courtney is all around a beast. I think she is ugly inside and out. But you know she'll be around a while....for the drama

I LOVE that all the chicks have to put in this play in front of all those people.

It was weird when the two girls kissed Ben on the cheek at the same time, and then he kissed them back...just weird.

I hate how fake the girls are when they say things like " I loved today, it just felt like I was home" so lame.

Mmmkay...Blakley really grosses me out. Plus, she looks like a dude.

It was totally gross when he made out with Martin Short.

Anyone that uses the term "winning" is a total d-bag. Case in point Courtney. She is a dual personality. I don't know which one to believe.

I hate that Ben HAS to say the phrase "will you accept this rose?".

Do the girls own all if the dresses that they wear for the cocktail parties? Or does the show provide them? I mean, who owns that many different cocktail dresses?!?

I feel the urge to buy a pair of nude colored heels. Everyone is wearing them!!

I thought that girls grandma went home...

For someone who writes (blogs) for a living, this girl is a horrible communicator. She told Ben she was "I feel like I'm a guy".

Holy crap! These people party LATE! When Ben got Jenna out of the bed from crying, the clock said 2:04am!! Plenty of time to get the girls totally drunk and even more emotional than normal.

The girl that brought her grandma is really kinda gross, and zitty.

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Bachelor episode one

Here we are again, another season of trash tv aka The Bachelor. I didn't really like Ben when he was on The Bachelorette, but after just this one episode, he has grown on me.

In the past I have always gotten together with friends to watch The Bachelor, and I'm not saying that I won't this season. I am just going to be really busy with the seed biz.

I decided to take some notes and then blog them. I didn't start taking them until about half way through so, I'm sure there will be more with future episodes.

Please to enjoy:

Jenna is seriously a FREAK SHOW!!

Who was she talking to in the bathroom?

And what's with all those weird faces she makes? She looks like she's trying to suppress some other personalities.

I loved Emily, with the hand sanitizer.

Kacie is my other favorite.

Some of these girls are real dogs.

These poor girls they don't get picked the first night, always think that there is something wrong with them. Like the bachelor is the end all be all. They never know, he could have just done them the biggest favor of their lives.

This is going to be a great season. I just wish I had my two canadians here to watch with me.

Friday, December 09, 2011

What did you do today?

Got up
Got kids up
Gave kids breakfast
Took Dave to work
Came home
Took a shower and got ready for the day
Took the kids to Target to roam around
Came home
Put Marion down for a nap
Made lunch for the kids
Took Sam to pick up Dave's Grandpa to go to the Doctor
Got Grandpa in the wheelchair
Got Grandpa in the car
Put wheelchair in car
Got to the doctor
Get wheelchair out of car
Got Grandpa in the wheelchair
Took Grandpa to the doctor
Made another appointment for Grandpa for Tuesday
Took Grandpa to the car
Put wheelchair in car
Took Grandpa home
Took wheelchair out of car
Put Grandpa in the wheelchair
Took Grandpa to his room
Got the couch set up for Grandpa to be on bedrest til Tuesday....yikes
Wrapped Grandpas poor swollen legs with medicine and gauze wrappings
Took Grandpas laundry
Went home
Took kids to piano lessons
Picked up Dave from work
Took Dave and Marion home
Picked up kids from piano lessons
Picked up pizza for dinner
Ate dinner
Played with Marion and Sam
Put Sam in a time out for getting mad at Marion
Put Marion to bed
Cleaned up the house
Put together a puzzle
Played with Sam on the Wii
Talked with a good friend
Put Sam to bed
Worked on seeds

....I think I may collapse.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random: Pride and Prejudice Edition

I finally watched the 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice. Here are a few thoughts on it:

Why on earth would Mr.Bennett marry someone as ridiculous as Mrs. Bennett?

This longer version is so much more drawn out. It's not a bad thing, I'm just used to the shorter version and things going so much quicker.

I think Jane is so not cute. She has no neck. And the faces she makes look idiotic.

Mr. Whickam is seriously creepy.

The mother in this one is truly truly annoying. The actress is superb.

In the newer version the Bennett family seems a lot more poor.

I officially fell in Love with this Mr. Darcy after the swimming scene.

I fell in love with Mr. Darcy in the new one as soon as I laid eyes on him.....mmmmm Matthew McFayden.

I am glad I watched this old one but will always love the newer one more.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random thoughts thursday

Don't try to remove temporary tattoos with a mr clean magic eraser... It. Hurts! And yes, I realize I am an idiot.

During fast and testimony Sundays I am usually out in the foyer with Marion, I like to listen and guess who it is that is speaking.

When I cook (which isn't often) I don't taste as I go. I'm afraid to taste it for fear it might be gross. I have no confidence in the kitchen.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


I got tired of calling my catch up posts - Ketchup, so this time it's Mustard!! I don't even remember the last time I blogged when it wasn't a Random Thoughts Thursday...

I don't even know where to begin...

School started!! YAY!!!

We also got Dana's Piano!!

I ALSO got purple pu in may hair and I...LOVE IT!!!

I will try to keep things more updated and not do so many "mustard" posts! I am also working on my 365 blog so you cab check that out too...


The Wednesday before Halloween, Camryn came home from Marimba band practice and said she had a headache. The next day she wasn't feeling well again and Dave and I decided to keep her home. If you know Camryn at all you know that she loves school and normally wouldn't choose to stay home. We thought she was just kind of run down and tired from all of her before and after school activities. Well she ended up staying home on Friday too, with a fever and a headache. On Sunday She had been complaining about her throat hurting and when I looked in there I saw little white spots. I decided that she should go and see someone. We recently switched insurance so I was a little nervous about where to take her. We ended up at Urgent care and they swabbed her throat and it came back positive for Strep...great. We got her antibiotics and were good to go!

This was Camryn on Halloween, she didn't even care about going trick or treating...poor girl.

This is Sam, my Kindergarten Zombie....cheapest costume ever. Thanks to Kirk and Daya for taking Sam along trick or treating with them. He really had a great time!

This is Marion my little ladybug. She didn't even go tick or treating, but all of my kids have to be a ladybug when they are little. It's just so cute!

Here are our pumpkins. We carved them a week before Halloween, and let me tell you, by the time Halloween came they were ready to be tossed...yuck!